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When patients use other opioid pain killers such as methadone popularly known as Dolophine, they are at high risk of side effects and dependence. Alternatively, tramadol use sees side effect risks at a lower level and hence it is the preferred choice of many patients and medical practitioners alike.  Tramadol is a man-made opioid that works precisely like a natural opioid. It changes the way the patient feels pain.

A significant difference between tramadol and other opioids is that tramadol is a serotonin/norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (SNRI). This characteristic gives the medication additional effects, such as mood elevation and sleep improvement. These effects are the reason why patients and medical experts gravitate towards using or recommending it. Tramadol side effects UK consumer reports suggest, have a very low occurrencerate and this is one of the reasons why patients choose it over other natural opioid pain killers.

Tramadol in Treating Pain after a Knee Surgery

When individuals take part in physical activities, they often suffer a torn meniscus (damage to the cartilage in the joints of the knee). These individuals have to undergo an operation to remove this torn meniscus. This operation causes a crippling level of pain, leaving patients weak and unable to function. Extreme levels of pain can cause further stress, sleep deprivation and even emotional distress. Due to tramadol’s dual-acting mechanism of action, it is considered a great option for pre-emptive medication before knee surgery. A trial was conducted to test tramadol’s effectiveness in this regard. The duration of the trial was a two-day period.

Patient 1 was given 50mg of tramadol before the surgery, and patient two was given 350mg of acetaminophen only. The aim was to see which medication provides the most relief for post-operative pain. Two hours after administration, the following results were taken:

•  Patient 1 was able to walk on crutches and got quality sleep two nights in a row. The patient had no problem consuming fluids and food. These factors resulted in the discharge of the patient.

•   Patient 2 suffered from intervals/bouts of pain. The patient was unable to achieve good quality sleep and only managed to stay asleep for 3 hours at a time. He was also unable to stand up and could not eat or drink anything. The medical centre kept him in their care for an additional two days.

This study, among others, concludes that tramadol can successfully treat pain in patients who had knee surgery. Patients are encouraged to remember when they buy tramadol UKmedication, standard guidelines and recommendations must be followed for best results.

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